How to Texture Drywall

There are many ways to make the walls in a home more pleasing to the eye. One way is to give texture to the walls. The steps on how to texture drywall are very simple and make the walls look livelier and more beautiful. By applying this knowledge, a home owner can save some amount because there is no need to pay professional fees for wall designers.

The different types of texture drywalls are the following:

Popcorn – heavy texture which is usually applied on ceilings to help in deadening the sound. It is also considered as the world’s best dirt and dust collector. This texture can hide the worst taping piece of work and is hard to paint.

“Skriptrowel” or Knockdown – looks like Spanish-styled stucco.

Orange peel or Splatter – kind of texture that varies from a sequence of tiny “blobs” of spatter to an by and large fine spray that looks like an orange peel texture.

Here are the things needed to texture drywall:

Old paintbrushes
Taping knife
Soft-bristled brush
Plastic sheeting
Dry wall joint compound

Here are the steps on how to texture drywall:

1) Buy a big bucket of pre-mixed dry wall joint compound from hardware or home improvement stores, or lumber yard. It will cost $15 for a four gallon pail. Also, purchase a wide-blade taping knife or trowel that has a straight edge and at least eight to twelve inches wide. This would be used to spread the thin coat of compound into the wall.

2) Take away everything attached to the walls such as receptacle covers and switch plates. Cover and remove the furniture away from the wall that would be textured. Stretch out drop clothes to the floor.

3) Before starting to apply the texture, do not forget to take out any wall paper. The drywall compound’s excessive moisture content could loosen the attached wallpaper which would come off the wall. This mess is time consuming for cleaning up.

4) Begin by putting on the compound all along the baseboards, top of walls and corners. The thickness should be 1/8″. Make it thicker if a rough texture is desired. There’s no need to be exact during application since a diverged texture is what makes a good appearance.
5) Choose a small area of the wall to do the texturing until one can estimate how much time he needs to finish the job. The drywall compound remains effective for quite a time but avoid getting carried away by attempting to cover too much surface at one. Best results will come out if one focuses on comparatively small areas.

6) Make the texture in a variety of ways such as using wallpaper brushes and old paintbrushes. Use sponges to swirl or stroke texture while the surface is wet. Fingers and hands can be used to create different designs.

7) Interchange the application of the compound and texturing until the walls are all covered.

In case one plans to use his hands in spreading the drywall compound, remember to wear latex gloves. Using the hands would result to rougher texture appearance. Also, if interested to learn more on different texture designs for drywall, check if there are available training programs. There are schools which offer courses on techniques on how to texture drywall.

Used IT Equipment

There is an unknown market out there, in used IT equipment. Users of IT equipment often overlook the used IT equipment market. You can buy a selection of various second hand or used items, from household furniture to baby gear, so, why is it that consumers overlook and don’t consider the used IT market? There are a number of benefits to finding a good supplier of used IT equipment, but most importantly and most obvious are the knockdown prices you will pay for a relatively new piece of equipment.

For a fraction of the retail price, you could purchase second hand and used IT equipment. All you need to do is find a reputable used hardware supplier. This is actually not difficult, on the internet you will find a number of specialised companies who deal in used and second hand IT equipment. Usually these companies will purchase used IT stock from other businesses looking to sell off IT hardware. Companies that need to get rid of surplus IT equipment find themselves in situations such as insolvency, IT department down-sizing, un-used IT hardware, old equipment and more.

Because there are so many factors that lead to companies selling off surplus IT equipment, chances are, the equipment is often in great working order. In addition, it is possible to find a reputable buyer of IT equipment and get a guarantee on your chosen purchases. These experienced companies that deal in used IT stock offer refurbished IT equipment, spare parts, repaired accessories and more at reduced prices. Most of the used stock that passes through the hands of these used IT buyers will be refurbished, upgraded and thoroughly tested to ensure best possible working order.

Find bargain priced accessories and tools, external hard drives, laptops and the best branded IT stock that includes IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony and more. If you are thinking of setting up a business, and require IT hardware, get the lowest prices for top branded equipment from a used IT wholesaler. Many of the best-used hardware specialist companies operate solely online, so, go to the internet to find more information on your choice supplier of used IT equipment. Find information on your chosen supplier and review history and experience. Get online quotes for used IT hardware and ensure you get the best price including a guarantee from your chosen company. There is a market for pre-owned IT equipment, and people around the world are starting to benefit from it, make sure you do not miss unbeatable prices for great quality, tried-and-tested products.

Shed Planning – Woodworking Fasteners

Using Assembly Fittings and Hinges

Now that your workshop shed is up and running and you are moving along in those first few projects you realize there is going to be some fittings and hinges needed. These fittings and hinges will provide rigid joints and easily opening and closing doors. Thanks to the flat-pack furniture industry, which is also called RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) or K-D (knockdown) furniture, there are numerous useful woodworking fasteners and assembly fittings available.

Some fittings that you are most likely to use include:

Panel Connectors – this is a device for connecting two panels side by side. The device clamps two units together and provides lateral location by having a bolt that screws into a sleeved connector.
Corner Bracket – corner brackets are designed to attach table legs and also strengthen the corner joints. Two lugs fit into slots in the rails of the table and lock them together. A centre bolt is then tightened into the leg. This is a very common connector.
Cam Fitting – a cam fitting allows two panels to be joined at right angles. An integral screw in one panel is twisted a quarter turn tightening against a cam in the other panel pulling the two pieces together. This connector has been widely used in knockdown furniture.
Confirmat Screws – this is a nifty little screw designed to use with chipboard without splitting the material. A pilot hole of exact size is drilled into the chipboard core and then the parallel threads of the screw grip the chipboard fibres without expanding the board.

Some common hinges that you are most likely to use include:

Concealed Hinge – when a door is closed (on a base unit perhaps) the hinge cannot be seen. The hinge clips onto a base plate that allows the door to be easily removed and is adjustable in three directions. To accommodate the hinge boss (the cup on the end of the hinge) a mounting hole is required.
Lay-on Hinge – this is also a concealed hinge but a mounting hole is not necessary. This hinge just lays on the surface of the door and the frame and is screwed into place. This type of hinge allows opening of 180 degrees and is spring loaded for a positive closing action.
Butt Hinge – this is the classic door hinge. It requires chiselling both the door and the frame to recess the hinge. This hinge comes in many sizes from as small as 1/2 inch to as large as 4 inches for hanging full size doors.
Flush Hinge – this is a slim line hinge designed to be fitted without having to chisel a recess. One leaf folds inside the other making a very neat connection.

All of these fittings and hinges can be purchased in any good hardware store or do-it-yourself store. If you know exactly what you are looking for you can also purchase through mail-order suppliers.

How The Right Kitchen Furniture Can Improve Your Home

The kitchen is the second most used room in the home. The first? The bathroom. Being the second most used room in the home, it just makes good sense to create an atmosphere or mood, if you will, that will create that perfect ambiance that will make your kitchen the room that you want it to be. A kitchen that creates the right mood is a place where you and yours can socialize and rejuvenate in a relaxing and comfortable setting. Perhaps the most important factor in making your kitchen that perfect room is your choice of kitchen furniture.

Properly fitted kitchen cabinets are one piece of the puzzle. And you will want to be sure that the wood variety and color complement the rest of your kitchen d├ęcor. Remember to check the hardware too. If there are glaring differences in the hardware (things such as the handles on the cupboards or cabinets), those differences will stand out and make the room feel “off.” Attention to details like this is important for maximizing your home’s value too, when it’s time to sell..

A kitchen island can be an important part of your kitchen furnishings too. As can the a kitchen cart. Items such as these make a kitchen a real pleasure to work in, because of the convenience of a movable work space and the extra storage that they provide.

Kitchen carts are available as knockdown furniture too, if you want to save some money. Bringing home or having an already built island or cart delivered may be easier but it will also cost more. Knockdown versions pack flat, and you can probably fit the box into your car or truck. Once you have it home, it’s a matter of following the directions for assembly.

Kitchen islands are larger and may also be available for home assembly. The kitchen island is a great way to enhance your kitchen. Many are designed in such a way as to allow for the addition of kitchen bar stools or counter stools for seating. In this way one side is for seated guests or family, and the other provides a work space so that you can simply serve from one side to the other.

Guide to Audio Video Furniture

You just bought you new plasma, LCD, DLP, flat panel TV or projector. If you can’t find a proper place to mount on wall or you need to house your audio video components, you will most likely need an Audio cabinet for you components, a TV stand, or base to house both the TV and your home theater components. This guide will tell you all about audio video furniture.

Knockdown vs. Assembled

Most home theater audio video furniture either is KD (knockdown) or assembled in one piece. What’s the difference? KD means that the unit ships un-assembled in pieces and you have to put it together with your time or hire someone to do it. The advantage of KD furniture is that it can usually ship quickly for those people that need to meet a time deadline. The other advantage it usually is less expensive than assembled furniture quality pieces. The quality of KD items varies greatly. AV furniture first and foremost must be able to handle heavy televisions and components and we believe that KD furniture must be made with MDF, not particle board. A term associated with KD (knockdown) is also RTA (Ready to Assemble). These terms mean the same thing. The customer pays a little less, but has to put the item together on their time. The other small advantage to KD or RTA audio video furniture is that if it gets damaged, replacement parts can be sent to fix the issue readily.

The best quality furniture pieces have furniture “styling” which is made to be sen, not to be hidden in a closet. The hardware on these pieces are of higher quality including hinges and handles. Most assembled furniture is made with MDF with real wood veneers.

Assembled furniture is a convenient option for those with people with little time or patience for assembling furniture. The assembled option in most cases is of higher quality than most KD pieces.. You would need to check the manufacturer as the market is flooded with many importers where quality can vary and the packing of the furniture may be sub standard for shipping on a freight truck. All assembled furniture is inspected by our delivery centers prior to delivery. This level of quality control does not exist with many other on line retailers. Who you buy from is just as important as what you buy in the world of on line furniture retailers. You should always call the toll free phone number of any web site before ordering assembled furniture. Be sure to check the hours of the web site first before calling. The key consideration is longevity of the company. It’s best to make sure a company has been in business at least 5 years.

Consider the Placement of the Home Theater Furniture

When planning a home theater or media room, you will need to consider where to place your av rack. Will it be hidden from view in a closet, a utility room, a special av cabinet, or piece of furniture. If you are hiding your furniture in a cabinet or closet, consider rotating AV racks that can pull out and rotate.

If you plan to position the mount in the front of your room, you will need to consider a cabinet that has furniture styling, since it will always be in view.

If being placed in the back of room or off to the side, you may consider knockdown options.

Wood or Metal Glass

Furniture construction can vary. In general, the look you want to achieve comes down to wood or glass. If you like a traditional approach, wood AV furniture may appeal to you. Most choices include black, cherry or oak finish. A maple or walnut finish is available in certain styles. If you prefer a more contemporary look, you may consider a metal glass combination. The glass is typically tempered to make it extremely strong.

Dimensions and Weight Considerations for AV Furniture:

The most common issue with choosing AV furniture is the size. If you are using for a tv stand you will need to find out the width of the TV, not the diagonal measurement. Most manufacturers use diagonal measurements on TV’s versus width measurements, you will need to find this specification to choose the correct tv stand size. The other common measurement needed is interior shelf dimensions. This is very important if you have some oversized av equipment, less important if you have normal components. Last but not least, consider the weight of your television and the weight of your components. The heaviest two pieces are usually the TV and the AV Receiver/Amp. Most top shelf designs of our tv stands can handle up to 250lbs, but check the specs to be sure. The other consideration is the interior shelf load bearing. Some amps can weigh up to 100lbs! It’s best to place the amp on the lower shelf, which is best for weight and sound absorption.

Back Panel Options

Many video tv stands are coming out with back panel options. A back panel allows you to mount a plasma or lcd tv on the panel and run the wires behind it. This makes for ease of installation and a cost savings, since you don’t need an installer to run av cables or electrical. A back panel is an attractive alternative to mounting a plasma on a wall. A static fixed mount will probably be the best option for a back panel. The back panel is also good because the TV is at the viewer’s eye level while sitting down.

What’s in a Name?

Many people search for equipment racks using these terms: Audio rack, video rack, av rack, audio furniture, av furniture, tv stand, television stand or home entertainment center. Generally, a “rack” is knockdown and “furniture” is usually an assembled piece. Be sure to check the details on all products. A name could be just a title that doesn’t accurately describe the piece you are ordering.


How long do I want this piece of furniture to last? How long will I be living in current residence? If you are planning on moving to a new location, you may consider a temporary solution versus a more permanent furniture purchase. The “Knockdown” option is good if you are going to move in a couple years. If you plan on living in your current residence longer than 5 years you may consider an assembled av furniture purchase.